Meijer engages customers via ‘clickable’ interactive end caps

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A Midwest discount chain is applying the concept of clicking a product online to obtain more information to in-store displays.

Meijer is partnering with CPG pet product company Purina and retail marketing platform Perch to launch a product engagement platform at 200 stores. Interactive end caps in the pet section seamlessly incorporate a digital screen that automatically senses what products shoppers touch, and delivers videos and digital information about those items. 

Customers do not have to scan a QR code, touch a screen, download an app or take any other additional action to obtain additional information. Using Perch’s “lift-and-learn” technology, shoppers can obtain more information about Purina products by simply touching them, as if they had clicked on them online.

The Perch digital engagement platform uses computer vision to detect product behavior at the shelf, anonymously detecting the presence of shoppers, what products they touch and what content they engage with to bring in videos, ratings and reviews and product information for every product on the shelf. 

Purina will be able to update digital messaging and is launching initially with education on the “Purina One 28-Day Challenge” promotion. The promotion is designed to show pet owners the difference Purina One products can make in their pets in just 28 days. It includes product category information and mobile integration into an augmented reality experience, as well.

“We are excited to have a storytelling platform in the pet category that communicates Purina’s expertise and commitment to providing the leading products that keep pets safe, happy and healthy,” said Kenneth Endermuhle, Purina manager of category experience design.